Movie Review Roundup – (Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past & Sabotage)


The worst part of Godzilla is that on paper it sounds terrific. A realistic, serious and epic take on the monster legend. The film starts well with a really cool title sequence and a rather moving scene with Bryan Cranston and his wife. The film slowly begins to irritate as it kills off its most interesting characters and refuses to even acknowledge the title hero till half way through the film. When Godzilla does show up he looks fantastic but the camera keeps diverting away from him like he’s a bad flu. The film favours boring military characters and the bland Aaron Taylor Johnston over the titular Godzilla which is severely annoying.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

There’s a spirit and urgency to the X-Men films that has been crucially missing in the recent Marvel Universe films. Marvel Universe films (Thor, Iron Man 3) seem to favour silly humour and buckets loads of explosions above an engaging script and emotional pay-offs.  X-Men has its fair share of humour and action but the exciting and tasking script is a breath of fresh air. The cast is stunning and the whole concept of the film is one big roller coaster ride you’ll be dying to see again.

RATING: 4.5/5


Arnie returns with another solid action film with a really colourful supporting cast. The funny thing about Arnie in Sabotage is that he’s the least crazy thing about it. He tries to be the father figure to a group of very strange and out of control DEA agents. The film may drag a little in the middle but the finale is great fun. Arnold may not be lighting up the box office but his films are dependably entertaining.


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Movie Review Round-up – (Non Stop, Need For Speed, Transcendence)

Non Stop

The idea of Liam Neeson punching people on a plane for two hours is my kind of movie. Neeson is a superb actor and while his recent surge of action movies hardly push his talent to the limit, he does elevate these films way above their usual level of quality. Neeson tries to find a killer in the plane full of  suspicious people. The proceedings are extremely entertaining and while the finale may be a bit over the top it’s hardly out-of-place.  RATING – 4.5/5

Need For Speed

The transition from video games to movies has not been an easy one for directors for a long time. There’s been a few successful additions such as Prince of Persia, Hitman and the first Silent Hill movie. “Need For Speed” may seem like a silly choice to make a movie out of but it actually works (mostly). Our main hero gets framed for murder and he  then tries to get revenge by racing his car very fast across country. It’s never very smart but it’s always likeable and the action sequences are very nicely done.

RATING – 3.5/5


The problem with “Transcendence” is simple, it’s very silly.

The movie has a terrific cast with the likes of Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman and Paul Bettany but it never gives these actors a coherent script to run with. The first 20 minutes are rather interesting, but things slowly turn sour. We are given super solider construction workers and actions scenes thrown in for no other reason than to make a flashy trailer. Depp is actually good in the somewhat clichéd “man within a computer” role, but he can’t save the film from drowning in its own madcap ideas.

RATING – 2/5

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Top 3 Tv Dramas Of 2013

1. The Walking Dead

2. Person Of Interest

3. Arrow

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Top 5 Worst Movies Of 2013

1. You’re Next

2. Iron Man 3

3. Jack The Giant Slayer

4. Bullet To The Head


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Top 10 Movies Of 2013 (weallreviewmovies)

1.  Escape Plan

2. World War Z

3. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

4. About Time

5. The Wolverine

6. The Frozen Ground

7. Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues

8.  The Evil Dead

9.  The Butler

10. Prisoners

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Who should be cast as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot ?

Here’s a few female actors I think would fit the role of Lara Croft in the rumored “Tomb Raider” movie reboot. I have a mix of younger and older actresses as the games have featured Lara at different ages in her life. It is unknown which direction the movies will go.

Rihannon Fish

The “Home and Away” actress would definitely fit the younger version of Lara from the latest Ps3 game. She has the look and is a likable screen presence. Whether she could handle the action scenes is unknown.

Lyndsy Fonseca

She is known for her roles in “Kick Ass”, “How I Met Your Mother” and “Nikita”. Nikita proves that she can really kick ass and also shows she’s a terrific actress. She would also be a candidate for the younger Lara.

Olivia Wilde

She has been in several action movies such as “Tron Legacy”, “Cowboys and Aliens” and “In Time”.Obviously she looks the part but she’s crucially a really good actress and would suit a middle aged Lara.

Kate Beckinsale

Maybe the most obvious pick of the lot. Beckinsale is an action icon because of her role in the “Underworld” movies. She is also English she will have no bother with the English accent.

Emilia Clarke

The Games Of Thrones poster girl would get most peoples vote. She is most certainly a fanboy favorite and would definitely suit the role of Lara perfectly. Like Kate she is English born which makes her all the more perfect.

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Top 5 Worst Movies of 2012

1. The Darkest Hour

2. Ghost Rider 2

3. Chernobyl Diaries

4. Paranormal Activity 4

5. Red Lights

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Top 10 Movies of 2012

1. The Hobbit

2. The Dark Knight Rises

3. The Avengers

4. Looper

5. Argo

6. Rock of Ages

7. Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

8. Skyfall

9. Expendables 2

10. Cabin In the Woods

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Top 5 TV Shows of 2012


Person Of Interest

Person Of Interest looks familiar from a glance but there’s no show on TV at the moment quite as good. It follows two anonymous heroes who save the lives of everyday people who are in grave danger. A machine that is connected to all the surveillance cameras in New York has the ability to flag a person who is either in danger or about to cause harm to someone.


Blue Bloods 

Cop shows are a dime a dozen and most of them are either completely unremarkable or mind numbingly boring. Blue Bloods is a cut above the rest because of its stellar cast and its tendency to focus more on characters rather than the case of the week. Tom Selleck is terrific in the lead role and always delivers a fine performance.



Dexter has not been at it’s best since season 5 but this year was a solid season full of great guest stars (Ray Stevenson in particular). The shows needs to be more risky and while this season was very entertaining it lacked the big moments that made the first 4 seasons classics.



Awake didn’t make to its second season but thankfully season one ended with everything tied up (well mostly). The show had the superb Jason Isaacs (Hello to Jason Isaacs by the way), Steve Harris and the beautiful Daniela Bobadilla. It started slowly and at first glance seemed to be just another cop show but with an interesting little twist. As the show progressed however, it grew into a very powerful and exciting tale that deserved more recognition.


The Killing

Truth be told I was really annoyed at the end of Season 1 because it didn’t give us the closure we deserved. Season 2 somehow made the mysterious still relevant and it built to a very tense and tear jerking finale.

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Looper – Movie Review

The sign that a movie is really good is when it gets an audible reaction from the audience in the cinema. Comedies should make people laugh out loud, horror movies should make people scream in terror and sci-fi/ action movies should make people jump in joy at the unfolding action is. There was lots of gasps and audible remarks from the highly entertained people sitting in to see Looper when I seen it.

In 2074, the mob gets rid of people by sending them 30 years into the past, where a hired hit-man kills them. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is one of those hit-men and he is very good at what he does. Things start to spiral out of control though when Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to be killed by himself. When Joe fails to kill his older self, things get really ugly.

Explaining Looper is pretty darn tough as you can tell from my attempted explanation above. While I watched Looper I figured I understood what was happening but when I thought about it more extensively I found myself getting confused by the time travel implications. Complexity aside I have to say that Looper is probably one of the best movies of 2012.

Looper’s plot tries to surprise the audience at every turn. The movie starts out very dark, slow-paced and stylized, it then amps up the action and violence to 11. The film’s last third could never have been predicted when the movie started and it sees the appearance of the lovely Emily Blunt which is always good. If I had to compare Looper to just one movie it would be Terminator. The race to assassinate people before they do things they haven’t actually done yet is a big part of this story. We also have the protector and the killer going head to head like Arnie vs Robert Patrick. The film also has elements of  The Adjustment Bureau, Repo Men and even Minority Report to some extent.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is terrific in the lead, showing that he really is a big time movie star now. He has the acting chops as-well as the charm to get the audience on his side. His makeup on this movie however was thoroughly pointless and just served to distract me from the story. Their intention was to make him look like Bruce Willis but it just looks really strange. Willis isn’t in the film as much as Levitt but his performance here is the best thing he’s done in a long time. Willis is a fine actor and he really has an interesting character to work with here.

Looper will shock you, excite you and generally entertain you from start to finish.  It’s a sci-fi movie that has great ideas and wants to have fun while executing those ideas and believe me it succeeds in every department (except the make up department).


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